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Diamond Files – QTY 10 – BENT Profile


* Note – 3 file cleaning brushes included – Steel, brass and nylon –

Diamond coated files to cover your locksport requirements. Shape your own picks, rakes, and keys. Made from a hard steel bar with surface encrusted with diamonds – giving you the perfect combination of abrasion and a smooth finish. Timber handles give excellent control with maximum comfort.

Diamond file are unique in they cut material in any direction compared to steel files which only cut in one direction

Timber handle approx 95mm x 20mm – with file attached has total length of approx 200mm

This set of 10 files covers all the most common profiles. Perfect for cutting and filing a variety of materials – steel, strong metal, ceramics and the like.

10 Profiles:

  1. Flat Parallel
  2. Flat Tapered
  3. Knife
  4. Triangle
  5. Half Round
  6. Square
  7. Oval
  8. Small Round
  9. Small Half Round/Crossing
  10. Flat Triangle

These 10 files are also available with a straight tip  –

Due to the weight (approx 250g), the kit cost will be slightly higher for international customers to compensate for the extra freight charge! Please select your postage option before adding to the cart
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