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Dual Cutaway 6 pin Euro Cylinder


What training lock suits a new locksporter or beginner? One that doesn’t need followers or any other special tools beyond an Allen key to gut and re-pin!

Our Dual cutaway 6 pin Euro cylinder is top ‘grubbed’ so easy for a beginner to replace pins without requiring any specialized tools. (Only the supplied Allen key is needed.)
The keyway is Schlage , and comes with a SC4 key. Its pinned with standard drivers to provide enough challenge without being too difficult.
The kit includes a mini pinning kit (2.95mm diameter) of various sized pins ( 3 pins of 8 sizes), standard/ serrated/ spool drivers ( 3 of each) with spare grub nuts and springs (3 of each). An extra SC1 key is also included to practice pinning to another biting and challenge the beginner further. The whole kit will be supplied in our budget EDC glasses case with soft cloth bag.
Due to the weight (approx 250g), the kit cost will be slightly higher for international customers to compensate for the extra freight charge! Please select your postage option before adding to the cart
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