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This padlock TOK bar was designed by Feral, an Australian picker who was looking for something more ergonomic for picking padlocks in hand.
He found most of the normal tools didn’t really work for him, and A bent TOK was transferring tension force too far from the lock face, encouraging the tensioner to slip out.
His solution was to have a TOK bar with the handle at 90 degrees to normal, as well as keeping as close to the lock face as possible for stability.
A notched out section on one end leaves approximately 1.9mm x 3mm tab to marry into the keyway. The other end is left square to either cut your own notch or tension for dimple locks
Made from 4.1mm x in 1.35mm 301 stainless steel. The ‘toe’ has been grinded down to 1.2mm (50thou) Approximate 80mm length, 10mm length for returns


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