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The Tipene Heavy Metal Hook Set LITE is available as a complete 5 piece set without the welded Pro handle scales. Again offering great value for money over buying individual LITE picks.

As the “Heavy Metal” name suggests, these Picks are beefier than the existing Law Lock Tools profiles. These are robust Picks.

They are designed to be used in locks with open keyways that require medium to heavy tension when picking (e.g. Lockwoods with C4 keyways). When picking these type of locks, you need Picks with the strength to lift heavily binding pins. That’s what these are designed for.

These Picks are also a good starting point for new Pickers. Often when we’re learning we bend or break Picks when we use too much tension, pick the warding, crowbar pins when we lift them etc. I’m not saying these Picks won’t bend or break, but they’ll resist it a lot more then the slim shank and fine profile Picks used by more seasoned Pickers.
The Picks themselves are a mix of old tried and tested profiles with a few variations thrown in.

Ergonomically designed and constructed from high yield 0.635mm / 0.025″ 301 stainless steel 291050 PSI or 2006N/mm2

With the signature laminated 301 handles.

A great combination that delivers optimum feedback and user comfort in a stylish rouged design. All our picks are finished to a very nice polish after around 6 hours of tumbling and they are ready to go as soon as they arrive.

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WITH Bone Handle White and Black Fleck, WITH Bone Handle White, WITH Bone Handle Black, WITH Bone Handle Black and White Fleck, WITHOUT Bone Handle


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