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Transparent ‘Learning’ Lock Clear Acrylic




When first starting lock-sport,it can be useful to have a visual aid to see how the pin tumbler lock works while you get the feel for manipulating the pins. An acrylic padlock is just for that purpose, it’s to help you ‘learn’ the mechanics of a pin tumbler lock and not necessarily for ‘practice’ or improve your picking skills

To be clear, opening an acrylic lock for the first time is a great thrill! however its a poor substitute for ‘practicing’ lock picking. Its for this reason we refer to it as a ‘learning’ lock and not as a ‘practice’ lock

‘I’m new to lock sport…do I need an acrylic ‘learning’ lock? In most cases no and it just becomes a short term visual aid. It might be useful if you are having difficulties in understanding how the pin tumbler lock works after watching most introduction videos 

As Bare Bones is committed to the new locksporter, we are offering these at a great price if you feel it might have some usefulness.

Each acrylic lock comes in a hard protective case and two keys. With some skill, they can be re-pinned as per a great video here by the Helpful Lockpicker –

Please DO NOT BE BUYING EXPENSIVE ACRYLIC LOCKS FROM ANY SUPPLIER! We are shocked at the ridiculous markups from some suppliers ‘learning’ locks so have searched for the best ‘Learning’ Lock we could find at a sensible price






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