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Bone Roll with 4 Bone Dimple Picks


Our dimple pick set has both small and medium flags (white is left facing and black is right facing ) and will soon be expanded to offer left/right curve dimple picks as a expanded kit!

Each flag is FULL TANG so the feedback is excellent! Each pick weights about 25g so quite noticeable weight difference to anything else available. The metal is an alloy of Fe–Cr-Mn steel (Iron-Chrome-Manganese) so is very hard and stiff. There is no give or flex…all feedback!

You get the Bone roll (with 12 slots, and separate zipper area, plus skellie key-chain!), small flag in both left and right facing, medium flag in both left and right facing, and with 6 tension bars of various sizes/thickness to round out the kit.

The Bone roll is suitable to hold all our products in various combinations to suit each individual needs

Made from a PU leather…so yes it’s both sustainable and Vegan friendly! 🙂 with a overall size of approximate 36 cm wide, by 21 cm high (strap length approx 50cm)

Coloured rubber band’s in various colours are also included to optionally mark the different flags for easier identification

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Bone Roll with 4 Bone Dimple Picks

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