Bare Bones...

Wall Of Bane

Welcome to the Wall Of Bane!  where we showcase a Bare Bones product victory over a challenging pick or open

Got a Bane or ‘…a cause of great distress or annoyance…’ solved with one of our products?

Email us or tag in one of the social groups and we will get it up on the wall!

GregCee sorting a CL from Twisted Shackle with .020 medium hook

GregCee on a roll! tickling a 1100 with .023 short hook

GregCee teaching a 334B with .023 short hook

MyLok solving ASSA 600 with Three Bones!

Prince speed picking a Master #40 with .023 half diamond

Prince solving an cursed Nemef NF4 with with Bone Flags!

Tipene solving De Guard MTL with Bones Flags!

Prince solving an Assa Desmo with .023 medium hook!

Mick777Oz having a chat with Harry Bow CL and Three Bones

Prince sorting the dreaded JA keyway with a half diamond in .015!

Prince solving a cursed DOM Plura with a medium hook in .015!

Lan Spy Key solving 'Dirty Of Man' by DALP

Regen destorying an brown belt lock (serrated MTL Classic) with a Bone flag!

Aido sorting a Lockwood 334 with .023 medium hook

DownUnderMonkey with Femur on various scalps!

Snake destorying an 90A-Pro ( guarded 7th high lift pin hiding behind 6th zero lift pin) with Three Bones!

DownUnderMonkey with Femur/.023 medium hook on Bilock

DownUnderMonkey with .023 medium hook cracking 'Welcome To Hell'

IonaWest with a shallow hook solving Bilock

GilliGains thumping a Gamma 700 with .015 medium hook

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