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We manufacture and sell lock picking products for the enthusiast and lock sport community.

All our picks are made from 301 High Yield Stainless Steel and are full tang through the handle.

All our ‘plastic’ products are made from DLP resin and covered in a protective coating to ensure long usability

Feel free to have a look around and we welcome any questions or inquiries through our email

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As 5 Bar Set!

or just Heavy bars!

Tipene – Quick Custom Gem pick

(posted by Tipene, custom pick maker and Law Look Tool profile designer)

An extended GEM quickly knocked together using a BARE BONES Lock Picking / Butchers Block 0.015″ Pick blank.  These blanks come with the handle and half the shank shaped you just need to shape the tip profile making life considerably easier.  I like longer handles so I cut this down and made a partial tang basic ice block style handle.
This is the 2nd Extended GEM I’ve made using BARE BONES Lock Picking 0.015 Pick blanks.  This first one lives in a BONE SKIN HANDLE.   These handles also work with Law Lock Tools Valyrian and Sparrows bare metal handle Picks (see attached pictures). These have to be the quickest Pick change handles out there.  No grub screws or special tools required and everything locks in rock solid.”

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Bone Yard has the ingredients for your DIY projects

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Translucent handles now available for 20Thou picks

Bone Wrap handles now available in White & White Fleck!

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Individual flags available now!

We are extremely proud to announce the release of our ‘Three Bones’ deep hooks.

These three deep hooks have been created from a collaboration between Bare Bones Lock Picking and the extremely talented The Butchers bLock

Hook 1 – aka ‘Collar Bone’ is the shallowest of the ‘Three Bones’ deep hooks. Its profile is merged from a extended reach medium hook with one of The Butchers bLock custom designs.

Hook 2 – aka ‘Back Bone’ has the medium steepness of the ‘Three Bones’ however has the thickest shank profile that finishes to a small gem tip. Its profile is merged from a steeper version of the ‘Collar Bone’ with another one The Butchers bLock custom pick designs.

Hook 3 – aka ‘Jaw Bone’ is the steepest of the ‘Three Bones’. It also has the narrowest tip which finishes to the sharpest gem tip. Its profile is merged from a even steeper version of the ‘Collar Bone’ with another one The Butchers bLock custom pick designs.


NEVER pick a lock that you don’t own or do not have permission to pick!

NEVER pick lock a that you rely on or that is in use!

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