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Bare Bones is supportive of the Australian Lock Picking community who both educate and teach the lock sport philosophy


Here is a growing list of Australian Lock Pickers we feel deserve special mention

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AU Based lockpicker


Hi, I’m Maeve. Also an Australian woman who doesn’t have enough locks or picks.



Lockpicking and Locksporter enthusiast

West Lock Picking

Australian Lockpicker.

Pocket Women


Lockpicking, Locksport. Everything to do with locks. Making locksport tools is a joy and I have made a Light Follower that I include in giveaways on my channel. I do the #ShoutOutMonday Series with Starrylock where we feature locksport channels under 100 subscribers to help get their channel known in the locksport community. I started the #LotoLockTuesday series featuring Lockout Tagout Locks which anyone can use the hashtag to add their video to the series I am totally into Locksport and enjoying learning so many new skills. This community is very supportive and encouraging, a pleasure to be a part of. Only pick locks not in use, that you own or have permission to pick.

Stay legal – Temptation is Everywhere

Email: contact me through the comments section of my videos

FunKey Fastdraw MonKey

Aussie Lock picker and lock collector.
Here to gain some skills, make some friends and just having fun learning new ways to defeat most commonly used locks.

Always follow the codes, and only pick locks you own or have permission to do so.

Always do the right thing to keep Locksport legal.

The Butcher’s bLock


The butcher, the boilermaker and the lockpicker. Feel free to contact me. My email is Happy picking guys and girls.

HV Logic


Connect with HV Logic at:

Reddit: U/HVlogic
Discord: HVLogic



Locksporter from Australia🇦🇺 Just having a fun time picking locks and quite biased towards Lockwoods. Please don’t pick locks that aren’t yours or that are in use unless you have explicit permission from the owner. Please Keep it Legal to protect the Locksports Community and our Awesome Hobby.



DALP is a channel that explores and tests locks and security. We find all aspects of security fascinating and like to see if we can find weaknesses in security devices as well as doing product reviews, bypassing, picking, hacking and anything else we feel like. So subscribe to learn and see what we get up to. For more information about us and what we do check out our website at

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Lockpicking, Locksport and lock collecting.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me at

Average Life Of Prince

Aussie Lock picker

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