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Bare Bones will not be winning any awards for our cases as we keep to cheap and cheerful mindset. In fact that’s why we describe them as ‘Budget’ versions as most pickers are likely to have a desk stand or similar and never use a case period.

That said, we wanted to add one case of note for those who do either like cases or are in need of a larger one

Our Molle Case ticked too many boxes to leave behind. Plenty of room for all our 16 picks in both sizes, tension wrenches and anything else you can think of! This case has more compartments on the front and inside for mobile phones or anything similarly sized.

The velcro patch area is the standard 8cm by 5cm and suits most patches.

Would you like a free Australian Flag patch when buying this Mollie Bag? Just add in the comments and we will sure to throw one in and get you started




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