Bare Bones...


Wish Bone Hooks – .023″



Make a Wish on a BONE and see if it comes true…


These three hooks are designed to provide access to narrow or restricted keyway’s

Stems width are very narrow (1.7mm to 1.8mm mid point) and are therefore not suitable to new or inexperienced locksporters

Wish Bone profiles are available in.023 thickness only and sold as a set of three picks

Optional grey coffin handle to identify them from other products


The ‘Wish Bone’ name was suggested by Abrassive (Australasian Lockpickers discord/ accomplished locksporter). The name fitted perfectly to the three hooks (aka three ‘sides’ of a wish bone) and the narrow (aka easy to snap) stems. It also holds the belief of granting a wish to the holder…

Additional information

DLP Resin Handle

Add DLP Resin Handle, NO DLP Resin Handle


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