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BOK Bar Set



BOK (Bottom Of they Keyway) Bar/Tension wrench Set

Suits both pin tumblers and dimple locks

1 x Large Z  50Thou flat wrench

1 x Large Z  40Thou flat wrench

1 x Small Z  40Thou flat wrench

1 x Large Z  40Thou round twisted wrench


Wonder why Bare Bones Lock Picking doesn’t sell windshield wiper style tension wrenches? Basically because the large flex dampens the feedback which hinders and doesn’t help lock picking

If you would like a windshield wiper style tension wrench when buying this bar set, just ask in the comments and we will be happy to provide…we won’t charge a cent providing you won’t complain when it fails to tension a core 🙂

Want more than one windshield wiper style tension wrench? just head to your local wreaking yard and collect some old wiper blades. You can make as many as you like for nearly nothing. Now you see why we don’t sell them…they don’t work and are basically free if you look around!



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