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Mini Vernier Caliper – ‘FREE’


Mini black plastic Vernier calipers are perfect for measuring locks,pins and other parts. They can measure gaps ,depths and widths up to 81 mm long. Easy to tuck inside your pick case

While these are not made from the highest machined metal, they will still give a pretty decent reading! Certainly enough to identify pin length and diameters when in the field

Do you know how to read the Vernier  scale? if not, do a search and learn a new skill! Very clever system! Skellies space between ribs and hip bone is approximately 4.6mm

  • Measuring range: 0- 81 mm.
  • Dual Metric and Imperial scale
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Tool weight: 6.1 grams.
  • Dimensions: 110 x 40.5 mm.

Why do we give these away for ‘free’? its simply following on from a previous promotional range (bottle openers, drink coolers, etc) but replacing with more practical items (pinning trays, screw drivers,etc). A small percentage of all sales is put aside to cover the cost for the next ‘free item’. This way, there should be something new a different on repeat visits

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